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It publishes quantitative and qualitative original articles, review articles, short communications, case reports and letters to the editor in a broad range of clinical and interdisciplinary topics. <em>(<a href="">Look at the scope</a>)</em></p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> en-US (Patrisia) (Tigor Methodeus) Tue, 28 May 2024 12:23:41 +0000 OJS 60 The relationship between body image and steroid use in bodybuilding athletes <p>Having a strong body is something that most people want, especially men. Efforts to increase muscle are done by exercising at the fitness center or at home, drinking high protein milk and consuming anabolic steroids. Most anabolic steroid users, including bodybuilding athletes, want to have a bigger and more muscular body. This study aims to determine the relationship between body image of bodybuilding athletes and the use of anabolic steroids. This research uses quantitative methods with a cross sectional study design. The sampling technique is purposive sampling. The sample in this study consisted of 70 bodybuilding athletes who consumed anabolic steroids. Self-image measurement uses a self-image questionnaire that is adapted and modified and tested for validity and reliability. The data analysis technique used is the Chi-Square Test. The results of the study showed a p value = 0.017 (p˂0.05), which means there is a significant relationship between the body image of bodybuilding athletes and the use of anabolic steroids.</p> Nur Hayati, Muhammad Rifki Haikal Copyright (c) 2024 Science Midwifery Tue, 28 May 2024 04:38:18 +0000 The effect of footcore stability exercise therapy on increasing range of motion and functional walking ability in cerebral palsy children <p>Cerebral Palsy (CP) is a permanent disorder in the development of movement and posture in children. One of the movement problems in children with CP is stiffness of the soleus muscle which results in a tiptoe position. This position will make it difficult for the child to stand and walk, thereby reducing the child's functional and movement abilities. This research was conducted to determine the effect of providing foot core stability training therapy on increasing the range of motion of the ankle dorsi flexion joint and increasing the functional ability to walk in children with CP. This research is a field experimental one group pre and post test design. The sample was 15 children with CP at the AzZaki inclusion foundation in Surabaya, who were given foot core stability exercise therapy intervention 10 times in a row for 10 days. The ankle dorsiflexion range of motion was measured with a gonometer and functional walking ability with GMFM (gross motor function measurement). Research Results is there was a mean increase in ankle LGS towards dorsi flexion of 3.2° (p=0.001) and a mean increase in walking ability with GMFM measurements of 11.2% (p=0.00).</p> Khabib Abdullah, Atik Swandari, Ichlasul Amalia R, Nadhifa Putri Q Copyright (c) 2024 Science Midwifery Wed, 05 Jun 2024 00:00:00 +0000 Strategic hospital health promotion on patient satisfaction through healthcare services quality <p>Patient satisfaction is when hospital services meet patients' needs, desires, or expectations. The government must promote everyone's right to health information and education, especially in hospitals, and guarantee comprehensive health services based on Minister of Health Regulation Number 004 of 2012 for optimal, effective, efficient, integrated, and sustainable hospital health services. The study was carried out using quantitative methods. Primary data was collected through questionnaires from patients at Royal Prima Medan Hospital, and 180 samples were obtained. Data was processed using SEM-PLS. The research results show that all hypotheses are accepted, and all variables have a positive and significant effect. The research results prove that implementing hospital health promotion helps improve the quality of health services (t-statistic value 7.294) and increase patient satisfaction (t-statistic value 4.419). Patients will be more loyal if their expectations are met from the health promotion carried out and the quality of service they perceive (t-statistic value 2.142). So, it can be concluded that government policy is appropriate in providing direction for hospitals to promote hospital health. Patients expect hospitals to have good service quality, cleanliness, and comfortable health facilities for patient satisfaction. Patients will be more loyal if their expectations are met, based on the perception of service quality and promotions carried out by the hospital, through the quality of personnel, and the empowerment of the community around the hospital.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> Novalina Siregar, Ermi Girsang, Herberd Wau Copyright (c) 2024 Science Midwifery Wed, 05 Jun 2024 08:49:26 +0000 The impact of using Binahong (Anredera Cardifolia) leaf extract on male wistar white rats fed a high-fat diet's liver function and liver histopathology <p>Worldwide, Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD) is the leading cause of chronic liver disease. Nutritional excess causes adipose depot enlargement and ectopic fat buildup, causing NAFLD. The Binahong plant (Anredera cordifolia) contains saponins, alkaloids, polyphenols, flavonoids, and mono polysaccharides like L-arabinose, D-galactose, L-rhamnose, and D-glucose, which have been shown to help NAFLD. The study examined the liver function and histopathology of male white Wistar rats fed high-fat diets after Binahong leaf extract was administered. Research approach/sample/population: Quantitative research employing lab or experiment formats. We sampled 24 white Wistar rats (Rattus norvegicus). A high-fat diet was the precondition, Binahong leaf extract was the independent variable, and liver function and histological characteristics improved. The research approach begins with test animal acclimation, Binahong leaf extract extraction, phytochemical screening, treatment protocols, examination, and Histopathology preparations. Research data was processed with SPSS. The normality test shows a 2-tailed significance of 0.678 &gt; 0.05, indicating regularly distributed data. SGOT 0.10 and SGPT 0.20 liver function analyses demonstrated homogeneity p values &gt; 0.05. The research found that Binahong leaf extract (Anrederacordifolia Ten. Steenis) has 400mg/BW antioxidants and can restore liver function in high-fat livers.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> Fitria Marizka Kusumawardhany, Hanjaya Hanjaya, Buter Samin Copyright (c) 2024 Science Midwifery Wed, 05 Jun 2024 09:16:09 +0000 Three-dimensional analysis of nasolabial fold depth as a support for facial reconstruction methods for corpse identification: A literature review <p>Identification of human remains is one of the most&nbsp;important&nbsp;stages in forensic science among the various methods commonly used&nbsp;in the process of identifying&nbsp;unknown human remains.&nbsp;Identification of remains is an issue in both criminal and civil cases. Determining the correct identity of the body is very important in the investigation&nbsp;as&nbsp;a mistake could have fatal consequences. Facial reconstruction is a method that is developing rapidly. The aim of this review is to acknowledge the importance of the nasolabial fold as one of the parameters required for identification using facial reconstruction methods. The depth of soft tissue is&nbsp;important&nbsp;in facial reconstruction. Aging of the face is associated with loss of soft tissue support in the nasolabial sulcus. The nasolabial sulcus&nbsp;is made up&nbsp;of both soft and hard tissue. The depth of the nasolabial sulcus can affect facial expression. 3D computerized facial reconstruction has been developed for a long&nbsp;time,&nbsp;but still requires continuous development using approaches to reconstruct the face. The nasolabial sulcus influences facial expression in facial&nbsp;reconstruction. Technological advances improve or facilitate the work of forensic odontologists, anthropologists, and dentists compared to traditional methods.</p> Regina Carsa Bagin Apriani, Ria Puspitawati, Ferry Pergamus Gultom, Nurtamy Soedarsono, Mindya Yuniastuti Copyright (c) 2024 Science Midwifery Mon, 10 Jun 2024 08:03:16 +0000 The effect of health education through audio-visual media on improving knowledge about breast milk management among working breastfeeding mothers in the working area of the community health centre (puskesmas) Leuwigajah City Cimahi 2023 <p>The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of health education through audio-visual media on increasing knowledge about expressed breast milk management in breastfeeding mothers who work in the working area of the Leuwigajah Health Centre, Cimahi City in 2023. The method used was quasi experimental with one group pre test-post test design. The sample of this study was 32 breastfeeding mothers who work in the working area of the Leuwigajah Health Centre, Cimahi City in 2023. Data collection using questionnaires with audio visual media intervention. Univariate and bivariate analyses were conducted with Wilcoxon Sign Rank Test. The results showed that there was an increase in the mean value before (59.78) and after (89.25) was given, and there was an effect of health education through audio visual media on increasing knowledge about dairy milk management in working breastfeeding mothers (p value 0.000). The conclusion of this study shows that there is an effect of health education through audio visual media on increasing knowledge about expressed breast milk management in working breastfeeding mothers in the working area of the Leuwigajah Health Centre, Cimahi City in 2023. Suggestions for midwives, audio-visual media can be used to increase knowledge in working breastfeeding mothers about express milk management.</p> Fitri Nurhayati Copyright (c) 2024 Science Midwifery Mon, 10 Jun 2024 08:56:55 +0000 Cluster analysis of province case mix index on Indonesian national health security (BPJS Kesehatan) system <p>Disease case is a diverse and complex problem which faced by health insurance institutions. BPJS Kesehatan, Indonesian national health security, has undoubtedly faced this problem, especially because of the socioeconomic gap between 34 provinces in Indonesia. To describe the diverse and complex conditions of resource needs for all hospital patients, this paper will calculate the Case Mix Index (CMI) for each province and conduct a cluster analysis to group provinces based on the CMI and total health facility visits similarity. Once the CMI for each province is identified, the cluster analysis is executed by using K-Means and Hierarchical clustering method to compare each result. The first step of cluster analysis is to identify the optimal number of clusters. In this article, several K-value selection techniques is used to find out the optimal number of clusters. By using K-value selection methods, the optimal number of clusters is two province clusters. The first cluster, namely Cluster 1, consists of four provinces which are DKI Jakarta, Jawa Barat, Jawa Tengah, and Jawa Timur. The second cluster, denoted as Cluster 2, consists of the rest provinces which are not included in Cluster 1. Although the optimal number of clusters are identified, this paper also adjust the cluster analysis result to provide comparison with the current INACBG regionalization. The result of this paper can be utilized as a recommendation for INA-CBGS tariff regionalization since using CMI as one of the clustering variables could depict the diverse condition in 34 provinces in Indonesia.</p> Raditya Prabaswara, Muhammad Ikhsan Kalla, Penbi Opmel Siregar, Muhammad Mizmara Alan Falihin, Benjamin Saut Parulian Simanjuntak, Samuel Sormin Copyright (c) 2024 Science Midwifery Mon, 10 Jun 2024 09:42:51 +0000 Environmental health issues and the solution in Indonesia: A narrative review <p>Indonesia is a rich country in natural resources but also vulnerable to environmental degradation. Factors such as rapid urbanization, industrialization, and intensive agriculture have led to serious environmental degradation. Holistic and sustainable solutions are needed, requiring further support. The aim of this narrative review is to present various environmental health issues and the solution in Indonesia that can effectively build awareness, motivate action, and guide more sustainable environmental restoration efforts. This study uses a narrative review method. The literature review was conducted through PubMed NCBI and ScienceDirect databases. Keywords used include “Environmental Health Issues And Solutions In Indonesia” AND/OR “Environmental Health Issues In Indonesia and Their Solutions”. The criteria for articles in this study are that they must be in English, full text, open access, research articles or review articles, with results and discussions related to environmental health issues in Indonesia along with their solutions, and published within the last 10 years (2012-2022). We found 11 articles that discuss these topics. In the intricate tapestry of Indonesia's environmental landscape, the harmonious interplay of governmental, industrial, and communal efforts, guided by robust policies and inclusive engagement, weaves the threads of sustainability and resilience into the fabric of the nation's future.</p> Mustika Fatimah, Elvi Sunarsih, Rico Januar Sitorus, Nurhayati Nurhayati Copyright (c) 2024 Science Midwifery Mon, 10 Jun 2024 10:23:50 +0000 Psychological distress and family support mediate suicidal ideation in adolescents diagnosed with cancer: A literature review <p>This study aims to review the literature regarding suicidal ideation in adolescents with cancer. Adolescents with a cancer diagnosis face significant physical and emotional challenges, which may increase the risk of suicidal ideation. This study examines various factors that contribute to this increased risk, including the psychological impact of a cancer diagnosis, and family support. The research methodology involved searching and critical analysis of journal articles, books, and reliable sources published in the last ten years and using relevant keywords including 'suicidal ideation in adolescents' 'psychology of adolescents with cancer,' and 'adolescent developmental tasks' and 'adolescents' developmental tasks'. family support in peer reviewed journals resulting in ten articles being obtained. The results of this study show that teenagers with cancer are at higher risk of experiencing suicidal ideation compared to healthy teenagers. Family support significantly reduces the risk. Practical implications of these findings include the development of more integrated psychological support programs in adolescent cancer care, as well as training for health professionals in recognizing and treating signs of suicidal ideation. This study suggests the need for further research to explore the effectiveness of different interventions in different contexts and identify the most effective prevention strategies.</p> Yunike Yunike, Mulya Virgonita Iswindari Winta, Margaretha Maria Shinta Pratiwi Copyright (c) 2024 Science Midwifery Wed, 12 Jun 2024 04:07:34 +0000 Coping strategies of females as victims of domestic violence: A literature review <p>Coping strategies play an important role for women victims of violence in dealing with the psychological impact of violence. Their ability to develop effective strategies will influence their level of resilience and recovery. However, little research has directly examined this topic. It is important to understand the diverse coping strategies used so that intervention programs can strengthen adaptive coping for the long-term recovery process. This study aims to inventory the various coping strategies of women victims. This research utilized a literature review to review previous research. Scientific articles were searched from databases with the keywords ‘coping strategies’, ‘domestic violence’, ‘resilience’, and ‘female victims. From ten related literatures, a variety of coping strategies were found. While some were not adaptive, religious coping and social support increased long-term resilience. Intervention programs to strengthen constructive coping are needed.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> Ira Kusumawaty, Mulya Virgonita Iswindari Winta, Margaretha Maria Shinta Pratiwi Copyright (c) 2024 Science Midwifery Wed, 12 Jun 2024 04:45:13 +0000 Factors associated with understanding and perineal wound care behavior of postpartum mothers in Cikeusik district, Pandeglang regency <p>Maternal deaths after childbirth occur when perineal wounds are common in women after childbirth, either vaginally or by caesarean section. This wound can cause pain, discomfort, and potentially lead to infection if not treated properly. Proper care of perineal wounds in accordance with the recommendations of health workers is very important to accelerate the healing process and prevent complications. The purpose of this study was to determine the relationship between factors with knowledge and behavior of perineal wound care in postpartum women in Cikeusik District Pandeglang-Banten. This study used quantitative research with a cross sectional design based on analysis using chi square statistical test &gt;0.05, known p value 0.00 for variable debriefing, p value 0.01 for variable parity and p value 0.02 for variable age. Conclusion There is a significant relationship between age, parity and debriefing factors with understanding and behavior of perineal wound care.</p> Nia Marlina Kurnia, Antika Maulida Rahayu, Afifah Nur Shobah Copyright (c) 2024 Science Midwifery Thu, 13 Jun 2024 03:25:36 +0000 Application of benson relaxation therapy and progressive muscle relaxation on sleep quality in hypertensive patients in Linggasari Village, Ciamis Regency <p>Most elderly people with hypertension have poor sleep quality. Poor sleep quality in elderly people with hypertension can worsen their hypertension condition, causing an increased risk of heart disease, cognitive impairment, and a general reduction in quality of life. Benson relaxation therapy and progressive muscle relaxation can be an effective and safe alternative in managing sleep and activity in elderly people with hypertension. Both therapies do not involve the use of drugs and can be easily learned by seniors. This study aims to determine the effect of Benson relaxation therapy and progressive muscle relaxation on sleep quality in hypertensive elderly people. This research uses a quasi-experimental method with a one group pretest posttest design. Data collection used the Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index (PSQI) questionnaire. The sample was determined using purposive sampling with a total of 35 respondents. The statistical results of the paired sample t-test showed a p value of 0.000 (p value &lt; α 0.05) so it can be concluded that there is an influence of Benson relaxation therapy and progressive muscle relaxation on sleep quality in hypertensive elderly people. This study suggests integrating progressive muscle relaxation interventions combined with Benson therapy into community health programs by actively involving families.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> Dini Nurbaeti Zen, Dewi Anggraeni, Nurhayati Nurhayati, Syamsul Anwar, Daniel Akbar Wibowo Copyright (c) 2024 Science Midwifery Fri, 14 Jun 2024 05:49:05 +0000 Analysis of factors related to the incidence of stunting in toddlers based transcultural nursing in the technical implementation unit in the work area of public health center Kaluku Bodoa Makassar <p>The term "stunting" is used to describe the nutritional condition of a child based on anthropometric standards, based on the PB/U or TB/U index. The aim of the research is to analyze the factors related to the incidence of stunting in toddlers based on transcultural nursing in children aged 24-59 months in the Kaluku Bodoa Makassar Public Health Center TECHNICAL IMPLEMENTATION UNIT working area. The research design used in this study used a quantitative methodology, with a "cross-sectional" approach. Purposive sampling was used to select a sample size of 103 respondents. Data analysis was carried out with research findings showing that the majority of toddlers, specifically 72.8%, were categorized as stunting, as determined through the use of the chi-square test at a significance level of α=0.05, while 27.2% of toddlers were classified as normal from a total of 103 respondents. The research results show that there is a significant relationship between technological factors and the incidence of stunting (p=0.007), social factors and family support (p=0.000), cultural values and lifestyle factors (p=0.000), economic factors (p=0.010), educational factors (p=0.032), and the most influential factors identified were social factors and family support (p=0.000), with a 31 times higher risk of stunting. The P value is 0.000 &lt; 0.005, with a 95% confidence interval (14.828-6.7013).</p> Risnawati Risnawati, Nurwijayanti Nurwijayanti, Novita Anna Anggraeni Copyright (c) 2024 Science Midwifery Sat, 15 Jun 2024 04:21:36 +0000 Laser tonsillectomy as a treatment on chronic tonsillitis: a case report <p><span lang="EN-GB">Tonsillectomy is one of the most often conducted surgical procedures in children. It has several surgical techniques, such as tonsillectomy with thermal welding, guillotine excision, electrocautery, cryosurgery, coblation, ultrasonic removal, laser removal, monopolar and bipolar surgery, and tonsillectomy with ligatures. This case report aims to present a detailed description of a 9-year-old boy who is suffering from tonsillitis. The patient came to the Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) clinic with a chronic history of reoccurring throat pain over the past two years, which has lately intensified over the past six months. Complaints are experienced nearly monthly, occasionally accompanied by pain while swallowing, coughing, and a runny nose. The patient experiences a laser-assisted surgical procedure to remove the tonsils. We performed a surgical procedure to excise the tonsil mass using a gallium aluminum arsenide (GaAlAs) diode laser with a wavelength of 980nm/1470nm and a power of 4 watts. This procedure was successfully performed. After laser tonsillectomy treatment on days 1-3, the Visual Analog Scale (VAS) score was 1, indicating no bleeding. On the fourth day, the patient had no pain or bleeding.</span></p> Rizka Fakhriani, Fadli Robby Amsriza, Asti Widuri, Deoni Daniswara Copyright (c) 2024 Science Midwifery Sat, 15 Jun 2024 05:07:51 +0000